New media technology can be daunting for a new author or entrepreneur. You have some many new concepts to master, from content marketing, to SEO, to social media. You can outsource some of these funtcions, but you still need to understand them. It is so easy to be shortchanged by external agencies if you don’t know your stuff.

One can easily get frustrated and believe she really cannot make the difference. In a way, our society is built to make you believe you are just one of many. With billions of people in the world, how can YOU be important? This eventually sinks in and we become convinced of it.

Actually, it is wholly a matter of viewpoint. Major changes in our culture and in the society have been brought about by individuals. They were not achieved by mighty organizations. Some form of group had to get behind them, but the original source was still one person. She did not have unlimited resources and didn’t know everything upfront. She was not necessarily the brightest or the handsomest. These people just believed they could make a difference and they did!

You need to gt familiar with your field. Over time, you need to become an expert in the matters you want to change. There is a continuous learning curve involved with any successful endeavor. That alone is a big selection factor. Only few people care to keep going hard enough when it feels impossible.

Why Some People Keep Working so Hard on Convincing That You Can’t?

I have been working in technology for over thirty years now. My life has been one of the most adventurous. Given that every 20 years a technology era goes full circle, I have lived many lives in one. I was there at the peak of the first corporate computers. When only very few people had the privilege of using a word processing console.

Fast forward 20 years and I experienced the rise, the explosion and the decline of the personal computer era. During that time I was a computer journalist and my profession consisted of explaining new technologies to others. My magazines became extremely popular because we insisted on enabling people in doing new things.

We wanted to make the new technologies available to anyone at whatever age. And people loved this and staid with us for almost two decades. Then the Internet came along with its new economy. Everything changed and the publishing industry began a huge transformation.

We learned that our way of writing was now out of date. The new media market required new skills and we had to learn them fast. Only few made the grade and are still around. New players came along from totally different fields. Internet mixed everything up and past professions were mingled into new ones. Today, in order to be a good writer, you also need to be a content marketer. This means you need to learn some SEO and acquire the skills of a copywriter. You also need to know your audience much more closely and they need to know you. Therefore you also need to master social media skills. Then, once you have written your content, you still have 80% of the work. Nobody will read it unless you promote it. But if you still firmly believed you can make a difference, you will.

They do Because You  CAN Make a Difference!

Is it worth it? Does it make sense to undergo another transformation? It all depends upon your purpose. Are you ready to make a change in the world? It doesn’t matter how big or small? Then you are ready to keep learning and to keep playing and winning the game. Then you will master the tools of the trade.

The following infograph depicts what happens constantly over the Internet. It has been compiled by Kelly Leboeuf in an article titled 2016 What happens in an Internet minute  The amount of content generated is humongous and overwhelming. Do we need more content? Is your contribution necessary? Yes it is! The graph below is a clear indication that people are looking for something. They keep shooting out messages in the hope that someone will receive them and will answer for real.

What people are doing over the Internet every minute

This is you chance of finding your followers and creating your new media universe. How many people do your really need to influence to make a difference? That is for you to decide. I am following the same path and will appreciate your company.

Roberto Mazzoni

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