Product and company news are everywhere to be found in the technology information space, but not enough is being said about those brilliant people who bring innovation and progress to the rest of us through their genius and their passion.
I have been a technology journalist myself for a lifetime and I have navigated through the most astounding and profound transformations our society has ever seen, but each one of these major changes was spearheaded and made possible by a few selected ones, often times working behind the scenes or maybe in the limelight, but not fully recognized for what they are doing and, above all, why they are doing it.
Therefore I want to start a search of contemporary geniuses in the field of technology, telling their stories and their accomplishments and therefore inspiring myself and others to do the same and to reach even higher standards.

How To Become Yourself A Genius

Mark Twain wrote: “Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered–either by themselves or by others” and then he added “It is impossible that a genius–at least a literary genius–can ever be discovered by his intimates; they are so close to him that he is out of focus to them and they can’t get at his proportions; they can’t perceive that there is any considerable difference between his bulk and their own.”
So I understand that geniuses will hardly be recognized and correctly placed by those immediately around them and that somebody else needs to step in and shine a light on them so that they can lead by example many others. Mark Twain also wrote: “…genius itself succeeds only by arduous self-training…to play on the fiddle it is not merely necessary to take a bow and fiddle with it.”

This is true of any field of endeavor and it is even truer for technology where continuous change and evolution requires to study and master continuously new tools, new concepts, new platforms and new markets.
My work will begin by researching and isolating the elements that can help identify a technology genius and make him or her stand out of the crowd and achieve results that many others would consider impossible, but that could be achieved by anyone should he simply decide to self-train herself hard enough.

The totality of our lifestyle and our riches today comes from the discoveries of geniuses of the past that carried technology to the next level and that were able to go well beyond the accepted opinions of their time spearheading changes that other would embrace only much later. The geniuses I want to talk about today may not be necessarily stellar figures like some key figure of the past, but nonetheless with their hard work, dedication and passion are bring about real progress in their environment and in their fields, to the benefits of many, including sometimes themselves.

Their discoveries or improvements, big or small, are still changing the way in which we live, we work and we learn, today and tomorrow.
Please help me in this search which aims to be totally altruistic and impartial. Your opinions and contributions are welcome and will always be.

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