New Media is the next wonderland searched for by many publishing companies, authors and by many companies in different sectors. We all know or at least have been told that content is king, but what content? In over 30 years of working as a professional author and journalist, I have come to understand that there is a direct connection between the type of content you provide and what people don’t expect they will actually need, but intimately long for.

I have also realized that people change, that situations change, sometimes very rapidly. What was in demand before might soon be replaced by something totally different. Therefore the capability to change has to be part of the skills of a successful author, publisher and entrepreneur.

And sometime the change is so sweeping and so profound that you can’t quite figure it out all by yourself, but need to have somebody else that can help you rise above the noise and get on your feet again, fully oriented on who you are and what you are really capable of doing in the new scenario. You need genius minds to help you figure out things from a different perspective and look therefore again at the future rather than contemplating the past successes and failures.

Change Starts with Branding

So I figured out that the very first step to take in changing a company or a person’s profile and future is branding. Here is where it all begins and where success or failure is really decided. So I looked for the best genius I could find in the field, taken into account that he should also be familiar with new media and needed to have valuable content he was willing to share. So I found David Brier and his web site

David is not just a veritable branding genius but he is also a very able and communicative author. The first lesson I learned from him is that branding and genius are actually intimately combined and that only by truly understanding what is branding you can really unlock your power in whatever activity you plan on doing. Look at his video below and your view on branding will be changed forever:

And this is just the beginning of the new path that you, your company or your activity can take toward a totally revitalized future. In this path, as David clearly puts it, you will discover that when dealing with brands you are actually dealing with media. Not just because you can use your brand on existing media channels, but because the message you want to convey with your brand and your actions associated with it constitute a media in itself.

David has a great way of explaining it in a free eBook where he also details The 10 Rules To Have a Lucky Brand. It is a very fast read and it will will give you immediately actionable items that you implement toward the goal of standing out from the crowd a to exceed expectations. But why should you do this? Why isn’t it enough to just give people what they expect and what they want. Why just not go with the flow and be competitive maybe on price or on the variety of products you offer? Because you simply can’t anymore. If it ever worked.

New Media Branding: Exceeding Expectations

I remember once I was working with a very major publisher and the latest fad was computer magazines which had a lot of gadgets. He wanted me to launch something similar because it was so “successful in the newsstands”. I pointed out to him that he was eventually going to use the magazine just to sell gadgets and that it was a self defeating purpose. First of all most advertisers didn’t even want to touch a magazine like that because they knew few of the people buying it were actually reading it and then which people? Guys who were looking for a cheap way to have free software on a DVD, or something like that.

No, you don’t want that approach, ever. You want to actually stand out and exceed expectations. It’s the only way to even succeed. In his post Top 23 Most Influential People On The Value Of Exceeding Expectations David fully explains why, by using one of his a carefully crafted videos and by borrowing the words of 23 other influential people that he has carefully selected as individuals who actually get things done and routinely exceed expectations.

So change is paramount if we truly want to address the new media scenario and the change must be toward becoming exceptional. This has been proven many times to be the case and yet you still find publishers, journalists and authors who refuse to change and who are still trying to ride some idea that had been successful for them in the past or even worse ideas that have never succeeded but that are now presented with a new “look”.

Social Media Is Not Branding

Many of them hope that by opening a social media account and by sharing some personal pictures, some trivial facts and some product pitches here and there, they will immediately re-brand themselves and will become cooler, up to date and competitive. And what is more important: it will be done on automatic!

I have always been surprised as a foreigner coming to the USA trying to learn the ways and means of doing business here. I attended many meetings of entrepreneurs who wanted to move to the next level and I always discovered that they were after new tools. People are tool-hungry. They absolutely believe that by choosing the right site, the right software or the right App they will immediately be more successful; particularly if the tool or App they have found is little known and will do it all on auto-pilot.

Many entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs look to have a new American dream: become very successful overnight without doing a thing, except maybe shovel some cash in the pockets of someone providing a new amazing tool, system or strategy. Fortunately or unfortunately this is not the case and you definitely need to be involved. In The Social Media Trap David Brier clearly explains that any social media platform is just a communication channel, it is not your brand much less a replacement of the true “you”.

Start with Branding

So branding comes clearly first. You have to define exactly what you want to be for others. How you are exactly going to help them. If you don’t do this, you won’t have a message worth sharing. This is even truer in the new media world where you a dealing mostly with ideas. You still need to show them in a special way, with a special flavor and with your own personal values.

I see that many people have personal goals and some may even have a business plan. Many more have ideas or products or systems they believe will gain traction by themselves or will work on autopilot. This is the same as not wanting to be there, not wanting to participate. Branding drives you toward an opposite approach. Branding makes you desire to participate and be felt and seen in a certain way by others. Only then you will have a great Return On Ingenuity as David Brier puts it. Only then you will be truly ready to achieve the impossible.


Roberto Mazzoni

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