Navigational keywords in SEO offer a new opportunity for content marketers. SEO in content marketing is a necessity for any marketer who wants to be found. It is a must for any or author who wants to be read. It is not just ranking as high as possible on search engines. This is where you start at the very beginning and explore what people really want.

In Keyword Analysis for SEO Competition we have seen how to find long tail keywords, which have at least 3 words, so to have our content rank high in a specific niche. We have also seen how they compare with head keywords, which are one or two words that capture the highest amount of traffic.

Navigational Keywords Opportunities and Weaknesses

So we have examined these different types of keywords following the teachings of Adam Clarke. We have used the tools Keyword Explorer by MOZ to locate the most promising content keywords in the field of elderly care (see again Keyword Analysis for SEO Competition).

Finally we have found a navigational keyword, eldercare. It offers 100% opportunity with a fairly high volume, contrasted by reasonable amount of difficulty in terms of editorial content.

The scores obtained by researching a keyword

The scores obtained by MOZ Keyword Explorer

The name navigational keyword comes from its use in reaching a specific web site. It is not a word or set of words that people use in normal conversation. It is more like a brand, but it has a very high potential because it resembles a regular word.

Being a short keyword with high traffic volume it doesn’t have the drawbacks of long tail keywords (more than three words) as described in Keyword Analysis for SEO Competition.

Yet Adam Clarke warns us that, in most cases, targeting a navigational keyword is not worth the effort. The competition is usually too great and it takes too much effort. MOZ Keyword Explorer gives us a difficulty index of 56 (see above), so there is competition there. Yet it is not huge and we have a great potential.

Exploring the Search Engine Results Page

Let’s analyze the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) to see which are the ten top pages(domains) that come up when we type eldercare.

SERP analysis for a keyword we are doing research on

The SERP Analysis section tells us that top of the search engine results page is dominated by a government web site and by two commercial web sites: and

Page and Domain Authority

The tool also introduces us to the concept of Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA). These are two indexes developed by MOZ to establish how well a page and a domain will rank on search engines. It reflects the popularity of a particular domain or page and addresses one of the key factors considered by Google in indexing the Web.

Sites that are more popular are considered more authoritative by Google and will rank higher. In this case, this index gives us an idea of how difficult it will be to compete with these web sites on a content basis.

The first one,, is a major service locator managed by the US Administration of Aging, within the Department of Health and Human Services. It is the place where people go to find local resources and caregivers, as well as information.

The second one,, has a surprisingly long name and is an informative site providing “how-to” advice as well as promoting specific products.

The third one,, is a free directory for locating senior caregivers. It is part of a network of related web sites that provide connection to baby sitters, housekeepers, pet sitters and much more.

They are all pretty strong competitors but not as strong as which provides a directory of caregivers for all necessities and has a PA of 77 and a DA of 72. They are also less strong than which provides access to senior caregivers through a network of franchisor agencies and has a PA of 74 and a DA of 69.

The Other Key Domains on the SERP

So let’s see the rest of the 9 links which appear on the SERP Analysis.

Position four is A web site of a senior housing facility with a PA of 44 and a DA of 46

Position five is A non profit organization which facilitates the provision of services to seniors and their families. It has a PA of 36 and a DA of 23. We are getting low enough to be able to compete on a content basis.

Position six is This is a business which provides referral services to families looking for senior caregivers and senior housing facilities. It has a PA of 39 and a DA of 27.

Position seven is A non profit organization contracted by the State of Illinois to provide services to elderly people looking for assistance. It has a PA of 35 and a DA of 22.

Position eight is An information web site with thousand of pages of eldercare information. PA of 65 and a DA of 58. It is definitely a much stronger competitor when it comes to content marketing in this area.

Position nine is A non profit that services central Texas and which has a PA of 41 and a DA of 41.

We have finally three individual articles which might contend a position on the SERP.

Final Valuation of the Navigational Keyword

We have seen that several of the winning web sites connected to eldercare have a relatively approachable PA and DA. This means that by building good content and getting 20 to 40 links to our site from other authoritative sites, we should be able to compete with some of them. It is possible to use this keyword to gain SEO visibility through content.

It cannot be used otherwise for an AdWords campain. In fact, checking eldercare inside Google Keyword planner we find that it has a high competition and a suggested bid price of $7.71.

So it can be part of our strategy. It can help establish our domain authority over time. In the meantime we will have to find other more specific keywords to get started.

Roberto Mazzoni

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