The new content war could be pivoted on LSI which is Latent Semantic Indexing. This is not an illness or a condition, it is one of the ways Google indexes what you write. Knowing about it and implementing it properly has become crucial. Those who really master this art have better chances of getting to the top of search pages.

But what is it exactly and why is it important? It refers to phrases which are related to the main keywords your have selected for your article. They are not synonims, mind you. They are set of words which have a meaning somewhat connected to the text you have created. According to one of the experts we have selected for SEO (see SEO the first step in New Media) you have to ensure to place a handful of LSI keywords in your page in order to make it more attractive f0r search engines.

Google and Bing want to give more prominence to articles which have good quality and high relevance. The best way they have to establish it consists in checking that it is naturally written. And if you write an article naturally it should contain some LSIs.

It is time for an example. Let’s say that you want to target the senior care jobs keyword. It is advisable that you place this specific keyword in your title and in your first paragraph. You should also use it inside the article text, here and there. But you also need to introduce some LSI. An easy way to find them is to go to It is a free online tool that produces a number of LSI keywords starting from a main keyword. We type senior care jobs and we get a very long list of suggestions.

Choosing the right Latent Semantic Indexing keywords which are right for your content

We have reviewed it and have picked a few LSI keywords that could go well in the article we are planning to write:

senior care employment opportunities
elder care jobs
in home senior care employment
senior home care job openings
senior care jobs near me
looking for senior care jobs

As you see they are a number and some of them could also become keywords by themselves. You therefore pick and choose two or three and repeat them two and three times in the page. You will have enough LSI keywords to complement the main keyword for the page which should appear in the first paragraph, in subtitles and multiple times in the article.

Another way you can locate Latent Semantic Indexing keywords is by using the auto-suggest feature by Google. Just start typing your main keyword in the Google search area and see what comes up.  Yet another free tool which taps directly into Google’s auto-suggest feature is You will get a list of variations of the main keyword that you might use for you latent semantic analysis.

Remember that your content should still sound natural. It should incorporate the main keyword and the LSI keywords so that sentences still flow. According Adam Clarke, our SEO expert, if people find it awkward they won’t come back. This will eventually hurt you more than anything else.

Roberto Mazzoni

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