Internet marketing optimization starts always with keyword research and we have seen how to conduct the first steps of this research by using Google Keywords Planner in the first part of this article.

I am continuing an example of a project based on a basic knowledge of SEO, as explained in two books can read in a few hours (see SEO the First Step in New Media)

Now we are ready to take it a step further and start digging in more precisely into what keywords are actually being used for promoting elderly care site on Google.

Remember that the keywords provided by Google Keyword Planner are always slanted toward a AdWords campaign. This means that these would be the keywords you would use if you want your site to show among the sponsored links at the top of the Google search result page.

These are also connected to what people are looking for, since there is somebody willing to pay for them, but are not necessarily the best keywords to get you ranked on an organic Search Engine Optimization basis (SEO).

We are looking for keywords with a decent level of traffic and low competition. They would be the best to ranked organically on Google. So let’s now use Google Keywords Planner to find some keywords that are related to “elderly care” and which are not so competitive, but which might still be good for our purposes.

Are local keywords always better?

One of the most common advice I have found on books related to SEO, written by SEO experts,  is that you can make your keyword more effective by adding a local twist. Let’s try it.

In the previous part of our our search we found that home instead was a promising keyword because it had high volume and a medium level of competition. The bidding price was also pretty low: $ 1.87.

So let’s try home instead florida and we find an average monthly search of 50, which is low but it could be enough to get started, and a we also find a low competition. The suggested bidding price is $ 2.06 versus the $ 1.86 of the broader keyword home instead. It doesn’t really seem to be an improvement. We look further down at the other keywords suggested by Keyword Planner and we see that there is none with the word Florida in it. Therefore adding Florida as part of the keyword it is not going to be a fruitful way to go. Poeple don’t use it much.

Let’s see now what happens if we narrow it further: home instead Tampa gives us still 50 monthly searches, a low competition but a $ 6.27 suggested bidding price. Things are getting hotter. Few companies are willing to pay up to $ 6.27 for keywords in a market with low traffic, but apparently with high potential conversion rates.

Getting ideas from Google

Let’s look below at the ideas that Google suggests. We see proposed as a keywordThis is a web site domain using the general keyword exactly. The average traffic is 390 (for the whole nation) and the competition is medium. We have a suggested bid of $ 1.84. If we type the keyword in Google we get the whole first page search with links from this company (see the red areas below).

Example of Google search page obtained from our text keyword

Example of Google search page obtained from our text keyword. The area in red are all owned by Home Instead and its franchisors.

This is the combined result of the general keyword at a national level (home instead) and the local specialized keywords. This company is apparently investing both nationally and locally on SEO and has managed to dominate the whole first page on Google, avoiding conflict with other sites that are targeting more general keywords.

So the company is optimizing the traffic well for its subsidiaries but has little competition in this area and while it is investing in getting the name and keyword more known, we could exploit the trend and use the keyword ourselves to get some visibility instead of using other keywords that are much more competitive.

So this is not a very viable way to go. We need to find another keyword that has low competition and also low bidding prices, both nationally and locally

Roberto Mazzoni

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