Internet marketing optimization is the process by which you decide what to offer by making sure it aligns to what people are looking for. You want to check your ideas with Google before starting any major project. Google is still  the number one destination for people looking for content and information on the Internet and therefore it is the true gatekeeper to your success.

I have created an example project based on a basic knowledge of SEO, the kind you can get from two books that you can read in a few hours (see SEO the First Step in New Media). We will use five amazing free tools that will provide us all the information we need to conclude a full analysis.

Let’s take as general subject elderly people care and see if there is an opportunity for building a new media project in such a field. We will perform a Keywords search and selection with the intention of finding the right kind of prospective readers and buyers.

The very first step is to make a list of the words and phrases that, according to you, best describe your sector. This will allow you to focus on the subject and start getting an idea of what you want to talk about. Let’s say that you project will be centered on senior home care, senior caregiver, elderly care, respite care and any variation thereof.

Google Keywords Planner gives you an insight on what people pay for

Now you have a tentative list of the subjects you want to cover. It is time to run them through Google Keyword Planner which is a planning tools created for the Google AdWords program. People normally use it to purchase advertising based on specific keywords and therefore it tells you on which subjects people are willing to spend money, how much and how competitive every specific keyword is going to be. That is how you should pay to rank high on that specific word or phrase.

The tool tells you, given a specific subject, what are the hottest keywords from an advertising viewpoint and how much competition you find find on each keyword. It will also give you ideas about different keywords which are related to that specific area and which you might adopt for your advertising campaign.

Mind you it is not a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool. It will not tell you how likely it is for you to rank naturally on the first page of Google for a specific keyword, but it gives you a pretty good idea of the market and what people out there are willing to pay for in order to force their way to the first page of Google serach results. You can get access to it by just creating a Gmail account and by searching for Google Keywords Planner.

A practical example on how to use Google Keywords Planner in 5 minutes

We are in and so we feed it our first keyword which is senior caregiver and we find that it is definitely a wrong pick for a starting project. In the US there are only 260 average monthly searches (the number of searches performed by people in the last 30 days) and it has a very high competition with a suggested bid of $ 11.18. It is one of the highest in the whole field of senior care.

It would be very expensive to emerge in this and it would not be sensible as a starting point, but on the other hand we see that other marketers are willing to pay top dollar for a very small niche, a very small volume of searches, and that competition stays hot. We infer that returns must be good and that businesses are able to offer expensive services related to this keyword. Maybe it is easier to find customers who are ready to respond. This is valid information and we will keep it for future reference. Typically when somebody is looking for a senior caregiver is looking fore someone who can take care of an elderly person at home.

The alternative keywords that lead us to a better view

A more promising keyword for our starting project is respite care which has an average monthly search volume of 27,100 and a medium level of competition. The suggested bid is $ 6.49. Here we are looking at institutions that care for dependent elderly people. So it is an area with a lot of traffic and where a fair amount of competition is present, yet it is not the most desirable place to be in.

Looking down in the list of proposed keywords we find home instead which has a search volume of 33,100 average monthly searches and a medium level of competition with just $ 1.86 of suggested bidding price. And we find that a company exists exactly with this name Home Instead, which provides senior home care through a franchise system. Therefore they have been able to capture and capitalize on this search volume and they provide a solution to several problems at once: keeping your seniors at home, but having someone who can take care for them. Somebody that you didn’t have to select personally but who has been selected by a company and which has some kind of external supervision.

The conflict that we can solve with our new media project

You see that the most promising keyword so far, “home instead”,  has not come out of our original brainstorming and it would not be a phrase you would normally consider. But it actually communicates very well the intent of the people performing the search. It tells us that they would rather keep their elderly at home instead of committing her to a respite care facility. It also tells us that an almost equally big population segment looks at respite care as a viable solution. Probably many of these people are considering both options and are looking for ways to make up their mind. So we have a potential conflict which we could service with new media content that would help people make up their mind.

Lets look further into the list of keywords that we have found. Home health agencies ranges at a volume of 12,000 with a high competition and $ 7.07 bidding price. Home care agencies has a volume of 8,100 and a high competition with a suggested bidding price of $ 8.24. This are all high volumes and high bidding prices. We definitely see a trend toward home care services provided by an agency rather than a private individual. We need to further investigate to determine the winning factors connected with this trend. Yet we have already figured out a general pattern that allows us to move to our next steps.

Roberto Mazzoni

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