Company and personal values are the building blocks for our branding and for developing trust. But when looking at the core values of many real estate companies we find a list of skills rather than true values. And they all seem pretty corny and uniform.

We find nothing that inspires and attracts or which makes that particular brokerage stand out. Therefore the comparison is based only on price or on a personal relationship that was developed separately.

We know what customers typically want:

  1. Honesty and integrity
  2. Knowledge of the purchase or leasing process
  3. Responsiveness
  4. Communication skills
  5. Knowledge of the real estate market
  6. Negotiation skills

People like to work with whom they trust, so honesty and integrity are a must, although they are difficult to prove up front. They naturally look for people who know what they are doing and can produce the desired effect. Responsiveness is crucial in the early stages of the relationship, but communication is far more important. Everybody wants to be kept in the loop. You must know your market well and should be able to get the better possible deal for them, whatever they think it is.

Values Make the Culture and All the Difference

The six qualities seen before are given for granted in a real estate brokerage or property management company. They are the traits of a professional. Yet the values tell how we accomplish them. And they are unique to a person or to a company. Here are the values I have chosen:

  1. Drive your activity: give everything you have got to a project to bring it to a win-win success.
  2. Be patient: treat everyone with the highest level of respect. Expect of yourself far more than you expect of others.
  3. Be enthusiastic: show excitement in what you are doing and believe in a positive outcome. Share your enthusiasm with the others you deal with.
  4. Be a perfectionist: do not tolerate mediocrity, particularly in yourself. Always try to do better.
  5. Be persistent: do not abandon projects and people who are counting on you particularly when they need you the most.
  6. Be outgoing: keep others informed on what they need to know and painstakingly follow up. Try to convey more good news than bad news and never give bad news without a possible solution.
  7. Be able to judge and find the best solution that benefits the most. Once found, don’t waver from it. Let your Yes be Yes and your No be
  8. Use courage in addressing problems head on when they come up. Don’t procrastinate and stop worrying about what other people might think, but rather be effective.
  9. Be devoted to your goals: know what you want and go after it by keeping control of your schedule and your priorities.
  10. Be knowledgeable and continue to accumulate information. Never end a day without having learned something new. Read and ask other people.

There may be many more and different ones. Yet each professional is judged and respected according to the values he personally follows and that he has personally embraced.

It is time for yo to find your own values.

Roberto Mazzoni


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