Technology is a key tool in the modern real estate market. So much so that a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors shows that it has become one of the key elements for brokers to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Factually the vast majority of Realtors rely on their brokers to provide the technology tools they need to conduct their business. Most of these are transaction tools and office productivity suites. Many brokers also offer a personal page on the company web site. Yet only half of the Realtors interviewed actually use it and only 32% pay for a personal independent website.

It is true that the majority of leads come from social media, which has become a must have for real estate professionals. Yet only a strong and personalized online presence can match the new demands of the market.

Why Facebook is not enough

It is not just a matter of creating traffic and potential leads, but it is also the necessity to build trust. Realtors need to establish their trust before they meet in person with their clients at the beginning of the relationship. That’s they only real way in which they will be able to get in front of a buyer and seller and win their business. Therefore they rely more and more on their online presence to build trust much before they get contacted and a personal web site adds credibility to a Facebook page or profile.

Realtors want to leverage technology and anticipate trends which are already becoming obvious in the market. According to the survey by NAR, the next big thing is going to be predictive analytics, namely applications that tell you where your niche is going and help you manage your advertising efforts. The second big requirement is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that helps you keep track of costumers and never drop balls. An obvious benefit when dealing with long term relationships, but a must have also for brokers who just want to focus on the domestic market.

Roberto Mazzoni

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